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Carmen Sax, Team Relocation Service Move-In Karlsruhe

Carmen Sax

Carmen lived in Vienna and Frankfurt before settling down in Karlsruhe / Ettlingen 30 years ago. Formerly a midwife, with a tremendous amount of patience and empathy.

  • Founder of move-in, Carmen is very experienced in all aspects of the relocation business and responsible for public and customer relations.
  • Family, Volleyball, Books and Theatre
Marijana Petric, Team Relocation Service Move-In Karlsruhe

Marijana Petric

Born and raised in Karlsruhe, Marijana is of Croatian heritage.

  • An experienced administrative assistant, she masters all her tasks with competence and a smiling face.
  • In her free time, her large family keeps her busy
Christiane Wille, Team Relocation Service Move-In Karlsruhe

Christiane Wille

Has been living with her family in the Karlsruhe area for over 15 years. For many years she has lived in the United States and Canada.

  • Her main focus is to assist families that are on transition to the Karlsruhe area.
  • Enjoys reading and art, nature and the Rocky mountains.
Anna Kyriakopoulou, Team Relocation Service Move-In Karlsruhe

Anna Kyriakopoulou

Lived in Karlsruhe as a student, held a long term position at an international company in Greece, since 10 years back in Baden. Anna is a dedicated and kind member of the team.

  • Expert knowledge of international relations, excellent interpersonal and comprehensive management skills.
  • Family, travelling, reading and dancing.

Claudia Desai

Born and raised in Karlsruhe. After living for several years in Istanbul, Turkey, Claudia has returned to Karlsruhe where she has been working in the social sector.

  • With great empathy she supports newcomers during the exciting first weeks.
  • Travel, family and dog, love of Istanbul and an interest in everything new.
Sonia Reyes Aybar, Team Relocation Service Move-In Karlsruhe

Sonia Reyes Aybar

After several years working for a publishing house in Barcelona and having lived in London and Zurich, moved with her family to Karlsruhe four years ago.

    • Great empathy to accompany newcomers in their relocation process
    • Family, reading, traveling, cimema and hiking
    Jürgen Cammisar, Team Relocation Service Move-In Karlsruhe

    Jürgen Cammisar

    A true Karlsruher, with a degree in German philology and history, lived in Great Britain for some time and was two years teaching German at a University in China.

    • Many years of experience as a language teacher for expats at colleges and companies.
    • Likes to hit the road on two wheels, a passionate cyclist and biker. Enjoys sports, reading, family and friends.
    Esther Freyer, team relocation service move-in Karlsruhe

    Esther Freyer

    Translator for Dutch and English. After having spent some years in Holland, England and France and later with her familiy in Nigeria, U.A.E and Qatar she now lives in her home town Karlsruhe.

    • Due to her many years of experience in a multicultural environment she mainly takes care of accompanying administrative formalities after entry to Germany.
    • Family, travelling, foreign countries and cultures, dancing, horse riding