Service for a company

Are you responsible for aiding your employees in relocating? The following information explains how we can help with our relocation services..

Job transfers, often with little notice, are especially common on the management level. Show your employees how important they are by utilizing our relocation service — professional support from moving to finding an appropriate place to live and much more. Your employees will thank you and this may effect their decision, to start working for you.

As part of our support package, your new employee will get to know his or her new city and its surroundings. This facilitates a feeling of security and makes moving easier, which in turn facilitates a quicker identification with the new working environment. In many cases, the partners and families of employees must also be supported.

A positive onboarding begins before the first working day. A smooth private transition supports a successful transition into the work force. Our service allows your employee to fully concentrate on the new job ahead. Travel and hotel costs can be eliminated by organizing satisfactory housing available from day one.

Outsourcing to relocation businesses frees your HR department to concentrate on the important tasks of caring for your personnel.

Support packages are tailored to the needs of your business and your employees. This results in cost savings for you.

Relocation Service move-in is part of the worldwide network of EuRA (European Relocation Association). We work together with qualified partners, should you need assistance in another location.

Would you like information about how this service operates and where to get more information?

Our corporate philosophy - clearly defined scope of services, cost transparency, quick response times, efficient implementation as well as individualized and personalized service.

  • individualized service package(s) based on your and your employees needs.
  • cost of package provided up front.
  • your company decides the scope of service — please let us know via email.
  • your company informs your employee about us and our offer.
  • the employee contacts us and we create a service profile based on the employees needs and your specifications.
  • we can periodically send you overviews and updates for the current clients from your company.
  • after a successful move, a questionnaire allows us to determine satisfaction with our service.
  • if desired, we can organize an information session for your HR department within your company or business.