Service for Individuals

What does relocation service mean?

Job mobility is expected these days. However, the details of moving are often time-consuming and difficult to coordinate from far away. A relocation service takes care of the details allowing you to concentrate on your new job. While this service is not as common in Germany, it is standard in many other countries.

A smooth start in your private life contributes to a stress-free start in your new job. Many things must be considered and organized — we are local and can take over these jobs for you. Through our experience and expertise we can help you and your family settle into your new life in Germany.

Are you relocating from outside of Germany?

A job-related international move means stress. Many details must be considered and taken care of. Aside from the private concerns and uncertainties associated with such a move, concrete issues such as the search for a new domicile (apartment or house), trips to the official bureaus (visas, schools, etc) and orientation in a foreign country must be taken care of.

Relocation Service move-in offers customized and individual support to deal with the large and small problems of daily life associated with a move to a foreign city.

Are you searching for an apartment in or near Karlsruhe?

Will you soon be relocating to Karlsruhe? Or are you already living in Karlsruhe and wish to move to a different property? Relocation Service move-in can help you find your dream apartment or house as a private customer. We are not affiliated with any real estate agency and are therefore free to access all available offers in the housing market and in our network.

Do you live in Karlsruhe but need help getting day-to-day tasks accomplished?

Have you recently moved to Karlsruhe or do you have little time to take care of important day-to-day tasks? We can help with our insider knowledge about living and working in Karlsruhe. For example:

  • Coordination and supervision of workers for apartment/house renovations and repairs
  • Insider tips about your new neighborhood
  • Vacation service for your apartment (watering plants, taking in the mail etc)
  • Visits to the authorities - visas, finances, schools etc.

We offer knowledgeable and reliable service.

Would you like to learn more about your new city?

Karlsruhe has much to offer! Countless possibilities exist to make living and working here a pleasant experience. The city has changed a lot in the 30 years we have known it:  the city and the entire region have become more cosmopolitan, a wide range of cultural activities exist, a modern and exemplary public transport network is ever expanding and much, much more.

Will you soon be moving away from Karlsruhe or are you planning a work-related move?

Concentrate on the challenges of your new job and let us take care of the details of the move:

  • Coordination of your move
  • Disposal of household goods
  • Coordination and supervision of apartment renovations
  • Coordination and supervision of the final cleaning of your apartment
  • Transfer of keys and documents to the owner, landlord
  • Assistance with search for a new tenant
  • Coordinate notice of departure to government authorities
  • Cancellation of telephone, cable TV,  insurance etc. policies
  • Change of address notifications for the post office including forwarding services