Some feedback from our customers from 64 countries:

Move-in is one of the best reloaction services I can recommend, they are very responsible and friendly and respond in a short time. Mrs. Sax and her team are very professional and I am very happy that I worked with them and I relocated from Iran to Germany very easily and everything was planned in Germany. I would like to thank Mrs. Sax and her professional team again.
Afshan Darvishi Kermani (IONOS SE)

Very professional, supportive, informative, pleasant and helpful.
Elias Zoghbi (Vulcan Energie Ressourcen GmbH)

Without Move-in, we would not have found an apartment in such a timely manner. We are forever grateful for this! Also, the immigration appointment was made early to enable to start on the contract date, this would not have been possible without their services. They answered all our E-Mails within a matter of minutes. I would highly recommend their services and we could not have felt more comfortable with this move due to their high level of professionalism and organization.
Melissa and Kyle Powers (Bruker AXS)

Honestly, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Moving to a new country that too with family and a kid can be troublesome but you made every effort to make it as smooth as possible. Whether it was house hunting or booking appointments for city registration you handled everything well. Initially I was thinking how I will manage all this on my own but with Barco and move in’s support everything worked like a charm. Not sure if THANK YOU is enough for all the time and support you offered.
Ankur Mohal (Barco Control Rooms GmbH)

No words can describe the service I received from you. It defenitely made getting started here a lot easier. I just have to say thank you all for your kindness and quality of service.
Frederico do Carmo Costa (Mail & Media Applications SE)

Initially I was thinking that as a relocation agency they will be looking after their business and not after customer satisfaction, but move-in proved me wrong. They will take care of everything as a family member, they cleared all my queries with lots of patience and with detailled information. I really appreciate their help with house searching, city registration, opening a bank account, energy registration and insurance as well. After my experience with Move-in what I would say is we can blindly trust them as they have huge experience in the relocation services.
Kamalakar Kummari (Form-Solutions GmbH)

We were very happy with the service provided by move-in. Finding an apartment remotely from Berlin would have been very arduous without them. Claudia was very professional, friendly, and always available. We can highly recommend them.
Oussama Mubarak (private client)

Real good service, always with spot-on information and detail about the whole process. Total knowledge about every single step that had to be taken, which gave me a major confidence that it was the right choice.
Leandro Luiz Pacheco dos Santos (Lawo AG)

Very useful and friendly. From finding an apartment to all bureaucratic paperwork, everything was handled smoothly and nicely either before our arrival or after. Very fortunate to have support from Ms. Carmen all throughout relocation. Highly recommended.
Ajith Olenchery Madhavanunni (IONOS SE)

Frau Sax understood our asks and suggested adjustments based on her vast experience about relocation and the neighbourhood. We could always count on her advice. Thank you!
Adam Sipos (private client)

I had a worry free and easy experience because everything was planned and I was informed about it well in advance. Whether it´s apartment hunting or dealing with legal paperwork, they are experts in what they do. I sincerely appreciate their assistance and would suggest it to anyone looking for relocation assistance.
Pavan Kumar (IONOS SE)

Very open, proactive and comprehensive service with a lot of flexibility.
Raman Chary (Robert Bosch GmbH)

The service provided by move-in is very useful. Before I move to Germany I did not know how hard it is to find a flat, but now I can see how important finding a furnished flat has been before arriving in Germany. The staff is really friendly and they all speak English fluently. I strongly recommend move-in.
Mina Taftian (localyzer GmbH)

We´re really satisfied from the service, communication was very good. Claudia is very friendly and always available for us. Thanks for everything and good service!
Burcu Senguenes (private customer)

I am very satisfied and will keep using your services.
Jorge Montoya (CTDI GmbH)

Important company with integrated workers looking for what need people, listening and looking for solutions, doing all the formalities and explaining it very well. I will recommend this company because a relocation move it is a very important thing and this company do it well.
Jordi Fabregat Garcia (TE Connectivity Germany GmbH)

I am very thankful for your help! I absolutely love my apartment, and I can´t imagine having moved without you!
Savannah Lee (student)

Forthright and organised. A good level of communication and helpful regarding background of city areas and administration.
James Gillian (Volocopter GmbH)

Kindly support, high reliability, quick response!
Ryoko Muramatsu (Bruker AXS GmbH)

Thank you Ms. Sax and team for taking care of everything starting from apartment search to my arrival in Germany. Extremely professional, friendly and efficient.
May Chu (Luxendo GmbH)

Everything seemed very hard and impossible because of pandemic situation. However move-in team relaxed me with their professional helps. Also, everybody is working with a smiling face which is very important to moving to a new country. Thanks to all team.
Emre Celebi (IONOS SE)

I can say only good things about your services. The house hunting was quick and efficient. Special thanks for your reactivity and kindness.
Zoltán Bácsi (EnBW)

Friendly, prompt and accomodating.
Michael Wallace (1&1 IONOS)

Very useful for the people who move to Germany from other countries and and can not speak German.
Kenji Tadano (Cinemo GmbH)

Very professional from the 1st contact to the house handover inspection. All requests answered on time with all necessary details for ease of understanding.
Vasile Naghiu (TI Automotive)

High quality and professional
Oleksii Kozhevnikov (medibiotics GmbH)

Very efficient, all the houses viewed where reasonable and was able to find a good apartment very quickly.
Duarte Caetano (xevIT GmbH)

Perfect service for any expat, you were always there to help and answer our questions.
Sascha Zierfuss (Citrix Online Germany GmbH)

I could feel very confident when delegating important things to Ms. Sax and appreciate that both, she and your website, always provide the needed information.
Kai-Hung Tseng (LogMeIn Germany GmbH)

Moving to a new country with a family is a huge issue. If you don´t have an idea how the things run, you could be like a fresh fish out of water. Everything can be a nightmare even you found your dream job unless you find a good settlement for your family. Everything was perfect with move-in service so that we could find our house, beside we have good friends. I strongly recommend move-in service for a peaceful and good start for your new life.
Cagri Balikci (Visteon Electronics Germany GmbH)

Very good and very professional.
Denis Bajolle (EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG)

Very professionell and helpful, always available to quickly answer any question and support needed, excelent company to handle relocation services, a must-have company to the city of Karlsruhe.
David Tempero (Visteon Electronics Germany GmbH)

I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for your individual aproach, understanding and guidance.
Kateryna Moskalenko (Biologische Heilmitte Heel GmbH)

Your relocation service is greatly appreciated especially for fast movements. Ms. Sax was very active to find the proper accommodation as I know the number of accommodations are limited and the demand high. Ms. Sax and her colleagues are greatly able to organize and handle the unpredicted topics. Ms. Sax organized the procedure and all the formalities in a short time and her method is very time saving and beneficial.
Alireza Izadi (Harman Becker Automotive Systems GmbH)

Excellent job. Quick and good answers to any questions. Well organized meetings and viewings. Invaluable help also in bureaucratic things.
Ville Rantala (Visteon Electronics Germany GmbH)

I received a very efficient and professional service from Move-in. It was extremely useful when moving to Germany for a new job and also good value for money.
Eszter Papp (Harman International)

Extremely professional, friendly, efficient. I would certainly not hesitate in recommending your service to anyone else who finds themselves in my position.
Dr. Colin Slater (Bruker AXS GmbH)

Mrs. Sax is great. She was well prepared even before my arrival, helped me a lot when I arrived and the detail care made me felt very warm in my heart! Thank you so much!
Limin Kevin Mao (Robert Bosch GmbH)

As someone who doesn´t speak a word of German, relocating to Germany was an absolute challenge. I shudder just at the thought having to go through this without the help I had from move-in. It wasn´t just about finding a flat. Carmen took the time and care to figure out my requirements, handled every aspect of the transaction, and made sure I understood everything. I definitely benefited from her experience, lightning-fast communication, empathy and honesty. I would recommend in a heartbeat.
Jamin Koo (Citrix Online GmbH)

Apartment hunting is hard in Karlsruhe. Having somebody who is local and know all ins and outs of the real estate is invaluable. We were very satisfied with service Mrs. Sax provided to us.
Artem and Olha V. (private customer)

Very good service in a very short time. The house found is really close from our requirements. Lot´s of helpful advices have been given to us! Thanks!
Etienne Sauget (Michelin Reifenwerke AG & Co. KGaA)

Very professionell and helpful, always available to quickly answer any question and support needed, excelent company to handle relocation services, a must-have company to the city of Karlsruhe.
David Tempero (Visteon Electronics Germany GmbH)

Excellent support, proactive, very fast and accurate feedback... in other words: PERFECT!
Eric Gautier (Visteon Electronics Germany GmbH)

Very good service and an excellent kind treatment from Carmen Sax, she really made me feel like in my hometown and very safe.
Guillermo Guerrero (Molex Inc.)

Excelent service and support.
Carlos Pasadas (SAS Autosystemtechnik Verwaltungs GmbH)

Perfect! No more things to say!
Thomas Rosenstiehl (Robert Bosch GmbH)

Very helpful and responsive.
Abhishek Alevoor (Citrix Online Germany GmbH)

I have done 3 times overseas assignements last 6 years and would say this time is the best. It is not easy to settle in Germany due to language barrier and I am pretty happy to have Ms. Carmen Sax who supports my moving.
Makoto Takatsuka (Robert Bosch GmbH)

Bhaskar Kanakasabai (Thirdware solution)

When you´re moving to other country, especially if that country significantly differs in laws, traditions and language, this kind of service is must have. Without it too much time and nerves will be spent in vain and this is definitely the kind of work I´d like professionals to do. So it´s very useful service to me.
Konstiantyn Shyshkov (Cinemo GmbH)

I want to congratulate Move-in Relocation Service, on the excellent and friendly service they provided during and after my relocation to Karlsruhe, Germany. They provided an efficient and timely service. Nothing was too difficult, or problematic, for them to overcome. From the initial apartment viewing, right up to the handover and beyond. The additional services provided by them, made my relocation so much easier. They know exactly who to contact for any service, required by the person relocating, from phones to cleaning services. They have a tremendous amount of knowledge about the area and its surroundings. I can recommend Move-in Relocation Service, to anyone relocating to the Baden-Württemberg area.
Willie Steyn (Natada Systems, SA)