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Quarantine Care Package: Our new service


I wish circumstances were such that I didn’t have to write this news item, but unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic makes it necessary!

For those arriving from high risk areas, a 14-day quarantine is currently mandated by the government of Baden-Württemberg. This can be shortened or eliminated if a negative coronavirus test is presented. Starting November 8th, the quarantine may be mandatory for 5-10 days even with a note from the doctor. This means your employees coming from a high-risk region must go directly home — without even a stop at the supermarket! In order to uphold the quarantine and to provide the necessary basics for your employees, our service has expanded to include a Quarantine Care Package: information about the current local COVID-19 situation and regulations, full refrigerator upon arrival or delivery of desired foods upon arrival, list of delivery services in the area, emergency hotline numbers. If you are expecting employees from outside of Germany and you are not able to offer this helpful service, please consider us!

During the quarantine and with a letter of authorization, we can also take care of urgent visits to government bureaus to take care of paperwork, such as registering the place of residence