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Registering Your New Employee: Struggling Points

Most of your new employees are experiencing the unique German bureaucracy for the first time. The process runs more smoothly when the proper documents are on hand (birth and marriage certificates and their translations etc.) and you know ahead of time what some struggling points may be. We are here to help you!

For those of us living in Germany, it is obvious that when we move, we have to register at the town hall. This is not common in other countries and sometimes we forget that this is not obvious to everyone.

Registration of the new place of residence at the town hall is the most important thing to take care of when moving to Germany because a registration is needed to get a tax ID, a bank account, health insurance etc. Moving to Germany involves lots of paperwork!

Two struggling points when registering at the town hall of the new place of residence:

  • Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung!
    This is a document issued by the landlord or apartment owner and is not often made available from temporary housing (hotel, Airbnb etc.). In fact, many apartment owners are not even aware that they need to provide such a document, but the Bürgerbüro will not process a new registration without it.
  • Mailbox.
    The new residence must have a mailbox where all the persons’ names living at that address are noted. This is especially important if the family name of the various family members is not the same. Much of the paperwork is still carried out by snail mail and the postal service cannot deliver mail if the names are not on the mailbox. (In some other countries, mail is delivered to an address and there are no names on the mailbox.)

This does not sound difficult, but forgetting one step or one piece of paperwork can mean weeks of waiting. Please inform your future employees in advance (best before arrival) about the processes after arrival, which documents they need etc. If you organize an apartment for them, please let them know that they can use that address to register at the town hall – but only with a Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung!

I hope you find this informative. A happy employee is a good employee.If you need help with these procedures, please contact us!