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Celebrating 20 years of Relocation Service move-in

Relocation Service move-in was founded 20 years ago by Carmen Sax. The company offers customized and individual support to deal with the large and small problems associated with a move to or from the Karlsruhe region. The experienced team knows their way around the city and through the bureaucratic jungle. They love what they do and have helped over 6000 clients from more than 60 countries in the past 20 years.

Here’s what Carmen has to say:

My mission in life is to help people arrive. :)

The journey has been an adventure starting as a midwife, then founding the company Relocation Service move-in, and celebrating with our 333rd client, Ilya, in the 3rd year of business — all thanks to a dedicated relocation team. Trust, many liters of coffee, learning new things on a daily basis, constant improvement and growth, definitely not a 40 hour week and continued joy in getting to know over 6000 clients from over 60 countries are all aspects of the job.

A big thank you to all the companies whose employees we were able to support, including Pfizer, Bruker AXS GmbH, Robert Bosch GmbH, 1&1 AG, Michelin Reifenwerke AG & Co. KGaA, Visteon Electronics Germany GmbH, Deutsche Flugsicherung, Harman International, Gameforge AG, Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH, Schaeffler Automotive Bühl GmbH & Co. KG and all the private customers who let us help them settle into a new life.

What we are proud of

Our relocation work requires maximum flexibility, patience, experience and creativity, especially when things don't go smoothly like on one Friday with heavy rain. Everyone was in a good mood when receiving the keys to a beautiful new apartment: the landlord, my clients and also me. I was barely back in the office when I received a frantic phone call: massive water damage; it's pouring out of the ceiling; the new home is no longer habitable; the moving truck should arrive the next day. For me this meant: delegate all of my other appointments, immediately arrange interim accommodation, apply for special termination of the rental contract, calm the desperate family. Everything was accomplished to the satisfaction of our client.

Intercultural skills are a prerequisite for us. In practice sometimes a bridge has to be built between the worlds. For instance, a German handyman refused to take off his shoes and the Asian family did not let him into their apartment. In the background, the toilet continued to overflow. I reached for my nose, (it was a hot summer day), and convinced the family that it would probably be better if the handyman left his shoes on.

Satisfied customers: Ilya, at that time a marketing manager of a pharmaceutical company, made the pre-selection of his apartment from Moscow. For him, it was especially important that the paperwork and organization was smoothly handled: visa, work permit, rental contract, the organization of a parking space and a cleaning lady, as well as personal support when visiting official government bureaus. On top of that we answered many questions about daily life in Germany, for which he thanked us: "Thank you for all your help!" Our satisfied customers have left similar comments on our reference page.

There are as many stories as there are customers — a beautiful, international, colorful bouquet for our anniversary!

The pandemic has provided special challenges with closed borders and endless research dealing with ever-changing laws and ordinances, for instance which vaccines are recognized in Germany. We even put together a care package for those in self-isolation.

I am very proud of my team and our 20th anniversary this month!!!

Because of the current situation we will not be having a large celebration. Instead, we will donate to those who have no home by supporting the DRK Kältebus Karlsruhe (German Red Cross homeless shelter bus).